About Us
Birsut Milk and Foodstuff Limited Co

Birsut Milk and Foodstuff Limited Co. Konya in central Turkey's most important cheese 3000 m² closed, the company, which has 8,000 m² of outdoor space; with its modern machinery, equipment and laboratories and experienced engineers and technical staff, it has been continued its activities by producing high quality and healthy products under extremely hygienic situations since 1994.

The daily capacity of the enterprise is 200 tons of milk, however 90 tons of milk is being processed and in addition 50 people are employed in our company.

Birsut Milk and Foodstuff Limited Co. Konya Center, collected milk which has been brought from Environmental districts, towns and villages, is processed to our factory after control is directed to production in depth. Therefore, it evaluates the daily milk of 3000 farmer families behind the personnel working in the enterprise. In this way, it contributes to the economy of these families.

Birsut Milk and Foodstuff Limited Co. that are registered with the principle of ‘The Quality and Flavor Utmost’ from July 2005 in International Quality Assurance System and Food Safety ISO 9001: 2000-HACCP certificates.

The product varieties, which only have started with White Cheese, have reached 20 varieties. Every passing day, our purpose is to increase our products range to 30 varieties with new products on behalf of the demands of our customers.

Birsut Milk and Foodstuff Limited Co. has been kept on its technological investments for quality and delicious products under the principle of Quality and Flavor Endpoint. Wherever we are in the world, dairy products are one of the indispensable food sources. Dairy products, cheese and their varieties, which are adorned by a great blessing such as milk, are at our tables for centuries.

It is the quality, delicious and hygienic quality of cheese produced in accordance with the changing conditions of the time and the needs of the society.

We have taken heed of both cleaning and quality and taste in our factory. For this purpose, milk is separated from the milk coarse particles before the pasteurization process to eliminate the disease causing microorganisms. Afterwards, cleaning is exactly provided by Seperator system and pasteurization process is applied. Furthermore, required for whole cleaning and hygiene C.I.P. system also plays a vital role in the cleaning of our factory.